NPL & REO Investment and Management

//NPL & REO Investment and Management
NPL & REO Investment and Management2018-07-02T16:32:23+00:00
  • Legal planning and strategy for NPLs & REO transactions of investment funds and platforms.

  • Due diligence of distressed debt portfolios.

  • Review of risk analysis and recovery rates of secured and unsecured NPLs & REO affected by a bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Legal advice to loan buyers on acquisition of NPLs & REO portfolios.

  • Legal planning of recovery processes by asset profile or portfolio.

  • Legal advice to buyers of bankrupt NPLs portfolios and due diligence review of each single position.

  • Counsel to loan buyers in bankruptcy Court proceedings for the recovery of acquired NPLs positions.

  • Enforcement of guarantees and debt collection of undisputed commercial NPLs positions of acquired portfolios.

  • Legal assistance to service providers for the management of NPLs & REO.