• Planning and execution of company incorporations and drafting contracts between shareholders and investors.

  • Mergers, acquisitions, demergers and company restructuring.

  • Planning and executing joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

  • Legal consultancy services for company shareholders and administrators.

  • Social responsibility for shareholders, executives and administrators of fact and law.

  • Secretariats and ongoing advisory services for boards of directors.

  • Regulation of capital transfers and foreign investments.

  • Legal audits and due diligence of assets and activities.

  • Succession planning in family businesses.

  • Good corporate governance and drafting codes of conduct.


  • Negotiating and drafting all types of commercial contracts.

  • Business, agency, distribution and franchise representation.

  • Protecting consumers and users, regulating the retail trade and commercial advertising.

  • Antitrust and preventing unfair competition.

  • Regulation of the financial system, banks, insurance and transport.