• Protection and registration of patents, trademarks and intellectual works.

  • Transfer and licensing contracts for patents and trademarks.

  • Contracts for exploiting intellectual works through reproduction, distribution, communication to the public or adaptation.

  • Protecting authors’ rights in labour relations.

  • Counsel relating to collective management of authors’ rights, collecting societies and legal remunerations.

  • Preventing counterfeiting and piracy.

New Technologies & Media

  • General terms and conditions of purchase and sale for e-commerce either relating to B2C or B2B.

  • Creating databases and exploiting personal data.

  • Counselling for telecommunications network operators.

  • Online advertising, digital marketing and spamming.

  • Protection and registration of internet domains and other united resource locators.

  • Legal audit and due diligence work for risk assessment of web sites.

  • Regulating and applying electronic signatures.